Our Soccer League is offered in the Spring and Fall. For our younger players ages 3 & 4, we offer coed leagues that introduce them to the game of soccer and creates a foundation on which many of them continue to build as they progress through our program. For ages 5-9, we offer boys and girls leagues that are both fun and offer more and more competition as they get older. For boys and girls ages 10+, we offer a Local Soccer Interleague against other soccer programs in the area for players who want to play recreationally and/or are in the off-season.

Our aim is to provide all players with an encouraging and exciting environment. Shin guards are required when playing. Age groups are based on the child’s birth year per US Soccer and GA Soccer recommendations.

Newtown is pleased to present an extra opportunity for those players seeking additional training. During the Spring and Fall, we are offering an extra “training session” with a professional from Concorde Fire Club at a local school field. This session will focus on individual skill progression through fun games and training techniques designed to fine tune fundamentals and increase ball skills. The cost is $150 for an 8 week session. For more information, please click Concorde Fire Clinic. If you have any questions, please call 678-297-2662 or email

Please view our Spring or Fall Brochure for more information.