Question: I have 13 players on my team, but I was given 15 sets of uniforms, what should I do with the extra uniforms?
Answer: Have someone from the team (coach or team parent) drop the extra uniforms off at our office. We use extra uniforms to help keep our costs down.

Question: I notice that there are assistant coaches and a team parent listed on my roster. Who are these people?
Answer: The assistant coaches and team parent are moms and/or dads of players on your team that have indicated to us that they are willing to help you during the season. Introduce yourself as the head coach and let them know how they can help. You’ll find that assistant coaches and team parents can help you greatly and allow you to focus your attention on your players.

Question: I have a child who I would like to add to my team. Is this possible?
Answer: All players that are placed on a team MUST be registered and added by the recreation office. Coaches should not promise to anyone that they could be added to their team nor should a coach allow a non-registered child to participate in a team practice or game.

Question: I started off with 14 players on my roster. Now, due to injuries, drop-offs, etc, I only have 10 players. 
What do I do?
Answer: As soon as you know that a player on your roster is dropping of the team, notify our office immediately. We will do our best to add another player to your roster. All player additions MUST be authorized through the Newtown Recreation Office!

Question: Why are our uniforms _________ (insert any color here)?
Answer: To avoid chaos, the recreation office assigns uniform colors randomly to each team.

Question: I have practice tonight, but it’s rained a lot today. Should I have practice?
Answer: It’s up to the individual coach. If it’s early in the season, it is probably a good idea to at least meet and try to have a practice (as long as it’s not pouring rain during your practice time!). If you DO cancel your practice, make sure that you notify your players and parents as soon as possible.