Newtown Soccer Summer Camps are directed by Concorde Fire Soccer Club. Campers will receive a camp t-shirt and soccer ball.

The Concorde Fire Summer Skills Camps are designed to challenge players both technically and tactically.  Training is dedicated to players looking to improve their foot skills, striking ability, agility and fitness before the fall season.  The coaches will set up an environment that is intense and challenges the player’s technical and physical growth.  Each day will end in a scrimmage so that players can utilize what they have learned during the day and have the opportunity to implement it in a game situation.  The players will have fun as well as be challenged to improve!

Staff: The staff will be comprised of professional coaches from Concorde Fire. All staff members are highly qualified to instruct and evaluate your child.

Player to Coach Ratio: We keep player to coach ratios low so that each individual player will have the attention and direction he/she needs to develop and become a better player.

Players need to wear comfortable athletic clothing/shoes and bring water and a light lunch. You will receive an email the week before camp with pertinent information.

Please view our Summer Brochure for all other camp information.